ICCF Presents GRandtasia 3D

Grand Rapids is full of creatives who continually work to bring innovative events to the community. This latest event was GRandtasia, which brought 3D Projection Mapping to Grand Rapids for the first time ever. This technology was used to project an image of the Inter City Christian Federation building directly over the front of it, which literally brought this historical building to life, giving the illusion that it was moving, collapsing, and being built up again. The mission of this project was to “visually express the ICCF’s three core values—respect, opportunity, and beauty—through digital arts.”

For those who gathered on Cherry Street in East Hills Sunday night to check out GRandtasia, they were not disappointed. Sunday was the second attempt at this event, since Mother Nature won out on Friday with the rain—and it was a beautiful night that brought out hundreds of people.
Adults, kids, and fur-kids of all ages gathered in front of the building and on the street to watch last weekend. Plenty of “oohs” and “aaahs” were heard throughout the entire five-minute presentation. From the dynamite explosions to the fireworks and all of the magical effects between, even the adults could not help but be amazed.

Congratulations to the team who brought this together:
Curator: Marcel Thibert, Vizidef Display Technology
Project Leader/PR: Ralston Bowles, Musician
Project Leader: Dakota Shayne, Downtown Books and Cookies
Marketing: Justin Razmus, 616Media
Marketing: Jonathan Mast, Valorous Circle
Marketing: Jason R. Johnson
Video Production: John Boros, John Boros Production
Aerial Photography: Nicholas Davidson, Higher Photo
Content Leader/Content Creation: Derek Rottman, Fission3
Assistant/Research: Jordan Verburg, Student

Be sure to LIKE their facebook for their next endeavor: https://www.facebook.com/pages/GRandtasia-3D/

Photography: Tim Motley :: Story: Danielle DeWitt

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