Danny Brown + Jon Connor + Tekh Tog0

If you have never been to a local hip-hop show, it should be top on your to-do list in Grand Rapids. Last night, Stellafly went out to go see Danny Brown (Detriot), Jon Conner (Flint), and Tekh Togo (Grand Rapids) at the Pyramid Scheme. The night also featured the All Grand Rapids Hip Hop Team which featured: A.B. And DJ Snax as hosts, Suport, Eastown J, Rick Chyme, Ran Ru, the Seventh, and a slew of brothers, crew members, and God-knows-who-else.

The night felt like an underground club, with anyone who had a something to say would just come up, grab the mic, and speak their peace. But when it came time for Tekh Togo, Jon Conner, and Danny Brown, they pulled the room together and truly headlined the show. Tekh Togo has a smart, snarky, and elegant style. Jon Conner‘s clean speed was very impressive. Danny Brown rolled out onstage with all the attitude that a rap headliner should have. All of the performers had a stage presence that should make most bands rethink what a good show is like. I found myself enjoying the night, in part, thanks to Pyramid Scheme’s bone crushing sound system, but also thanks to the fact that I did not have (our photographer’s) Michael Cook‘s job. The rappers paced like caged animals, jumped around, went to the very edge of the stage and wandered back off again. Even the fairly unknown rappers were able to engage the crowd with their onstage presence, before a word was even uttered.

I feel as though there are not enough outlets for the hip-hop scene in Grand Rapids and I hope that this is not the last event of it’s kind at the Pyramid Scheme.

— Dan Hurst, contributing writer : photography, Mikey Cook

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